Product Development

Do you have a component you're finding difficult to source?

Perhaps you have an idea of a product you can’t quite visualise? Then Look no further!

Brooks Forgings can provide support and guidance to help our clients solve manufacturing problems or to assist develop a new product towards it’s ultimate conclusion and it’s final method of manufacture.

Computer Aided Design

solidworks logo 3d design

Solidworks is a piece of design software that gives us the ability to generate drawings, part models and component assemblies. The software also comes with the added benefits of stress analysis, cost estimation, 3D rendering and animation.

Brooks Forgings currently has multiple seats enabling our fully trained design engineers to use the software when required.

In most cases, when a client chooses Brooks Forgings to produce a viable component for manufacture, they can only provide a well used physical sample or old obsolete and unreadable drawings. The first step in production is to analyse the information provided and generate a new model in Solidworks. This gives us the ability to create detailed digital 2D drawings, 3D renders and physical 3D printed models for customer review.

3D Printing – Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is the latest capability in our product development department. It allows the low-cost production of prototype parts with incredible detail.

The benefits of the process are clear in the early stages of a project. A physical and dimensionally accurate component can be 3D printed and handed to the client, either in forged or machined state. This allows them to implement into a sub-assembly for final suitability testing.

3d printing shackle prototype in forging industry

Forging is an industry with high outlay costs. Production of tooling and purchase of raw materials often reaches in excess of £20,000. 3D printing can help avoid costly mistakes caused by the production of incorrect dies and scrap material.

Stress Analysis

Various types of Stress Analysis are available in latest Solidworks software package. Engineers can carry out simulation on either individual parts or assemblies by using finite element analysis. This process can improve and validate performance and reduce the need for prototypes or revisions as the project develops.

stress analysis of drop forged shackle

We can also evaluate product structure and design suitability and make alterations to suit customer requirements. Material properties can also be defined making the system fully customisable.

qform forging simulationQForm Forging Simulation

QForm is the latest forging simulation software. It enables the development and optimisation of tooling and accurately simulates and analyses the forging process.

It is possible to identify flaws in the early stage of tooling design such as inadequate impression filling, laps or folds, and flow-through defects.

The software also allows engineers to optimise the process further by varying starting material diameter, forging forces and analysis of die tooling stresses to improve durability and longevity.

qform forging simulation software drop forged shackle

The combination of Solidworks, QForm and 3D Printing enables Brooks Forgings to improve lead times and the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process by eliminating forging defects and final application suitability issues before final production tooling and samples are physically produced.

drop forging die displacement analysis in qform

drop forging die effective stress analysis

tooling production simulation cutting paths

Die Cutting & Sinking

We have an extensive on-site tooling room that provides complete control and flexibility throughout production. Our machining department plays a key role, enabling a quick turnaround of forging dies when required.

This process is combined with the latest CAM software that gives us the ability to run die cutting simulation to identify potential errors in final tooling production. Tooling is a crucial part of the overall manufacturing process and is the most costly.

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