Product Management

You can rely on the knowledge and experience we have gained over many years in the manufacturing environment to manage the production of your next project’s journey through our factory to the final delivery direct to your premises.

project management

Our dedicated team of Customer Service Personnel, Representatives and Craftsmen have the ability to problem solve, often in advance of the production process commencing by suggesting ways to either improve a method of production, thus reducing lead times and assisting in the reduction of the overall manufacturing cost. Alternative methods of production can help enhance the visual appearance of the product too.

Do you have a project you need help with? Please call us now to discuss your project or simply complete the enquiry form and one of the team will get back to you as soon as they can.

Packaging Design

Packaging is often tailored to suit specific project and shipping requirements, made to order using our trusted and experienced suppliers.

Our design team can pre-render models to simulate and generate packing scenarios, establishing final package dimensions and correct packing procedures for warehouse personnel.
This not only maximises shipping efficiency but reduces unnecessary costs for our customers.

correct packing of metal components for export

wooden box design for metal component shipping

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