Our extensive manufacturing capabilities enable us to manufacture various components for the agriculture industry. Strength and durability are typical requirements of these components.

Our scope of supply includes:

• Wheel & Track components.
• Tines and Blades.
• Flails Shackles and Bushes.
• Linkage, chains and pins.
• Gearbox components, levers & housings.
• Hinges and handles for cab assemblies.
• Fencing and Gate components.

Agricultural Equipment

We are proud that our components can be found in many of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. Over the years we have succeeded in gaining a reputation for a very fast turn-a-round of work to satisfy the requirements of our customers who operate a 'just in time' system.

All of this work is carried out under the control of our ISO9001 quality system.
We have the capability to deal with small orders of 10 or 20 right up to supplying 20-50,000 components per week depending on complexity.

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