We specialise in the manufacture of components for the Petrochemical Industry.

Very few companies in the industry are able to provide the same extent of services under one roof, this is what we call ‘The Brooks Difference'.

petrochemical bolting fastener components

Achilles FPAL registered

Manufacturers of Standard and Non Standard Fasteners and Machined Components

Brooks Forgings Ltd are fully registered as a supplier on the Achilles First Point Assessment Database for suppliers to the Oil & Gas Industry for the provision of products and services as detailed in our membership listing on www.fpal.com. A copy of our certificate can be found below.

At the heart of our manufacturing facility are 16 forging cells, each utilising the latest heating technology. Capable of forging from 10mm diameter up to 100mm diameter and lengths up to 6000mm.

In-house CAD/CAM and tool making capabilities enable us to manufacture specials and standard head forms on short lead times.

Stress Analysis

At Brooks Forgings we have software that can perform Stress Analysis tests from rendered 3D models, using both static and assembled components. This enables us to evaluate product structure and design suitability and make alterations to suit various requirements. We can also input various material properties making the system fully customisable.

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