Brooks Forgings Supply Special Components To Support UK Rail Industry

Brooks Forgings Ltd was recently approached to produce special arching horns that are commonly used in overhead electrification applications for the railway industry.

A combination of sawing, machining, hot bending and welding processes was used to produce the various components used in the overall arching horn assembly. Brooks Forgings has all of these processes available on-site, ensuring the swift turnaround and quality tolerances required by the customer.

arching horns for rail industry stainless steel

All of the components were produced from fully certified 316 stainless steel material of European origin. The profiles, produced from 6mm thick plate, required the machining of special chamfered edges prior to the hot bending process that used specially designed tooling and jigs to minimise deformation and meet strict tolerances. The profiles were then fillet welded to a prefabricated clamping block that was produced firstly as a one piece, drilled with two 10.5mm holes and a large 24mm hole, and then sawn in half to create a matching pair. The complete assembly was then checked for distortion following the welding process. Supplied complete with A2 stainless bolts, washers and stiff nuts.

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