Extensive Manufacturing Processes Help Secure New Orders and Ensure On-time Delivery

Brooks Forgings Ltd was recently approached to produce special lifting assemblies that are used to safely lift and relocate heavy industrial stillages.

lifting swivel eye bolt lifting ring assembly m20

Our client, originally importing components from abroad, was let down on delivery.

Brooks Forgings was happy to step in and provide an on time solution that was achieved due to the extensive on-site manufacturing capabilities available.

hot forged components for lifting swivels in high tensile material

The overall assembly comprises of a link and eye bolt, produced from high tensile material. The M20 eye bolt was designed to function with a working load limit of 2 tonne and fully drop forged, machined and threaded in-house. The link, manufactured from 20mm diameter material, was hot bent and flash butt welded, also on-site, allowing for heat treatment.

machining eye bolts for lifting swivel assembly

Once assembled, each component was tensile tested on-site to provide the necessary certification required by our customer.

The order was fulfilled on time and excess stock held in our warehouse for future urgent requirements.

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