New Fully Automated Flash Butt Welding Machine Increases Capacity

Brooks Forgings has increased its flash butt welding capacity to include a highly efficient, fully automated, and programmable machine.

The key advantages are the programmable and repeatability of the weld procedure that allows an identical weld to be performed on every component. Job-specific data can be saved in the archive and then recalled at a later date offering full traceability for our Quality Department. This also removes any operator error, which is another major advantage over conventional manual flash butt welding machines, as there is a looming skill gap in British manufacturing.



The guarding system has been designed to accommodate material up to 12 metres in length. This is particularly useful for components that are used in tensioning or lifting applications as forged ends can be produced more economically in shorter lengths and then flash butt welded to the same plain bar stock from the original cast.

The machine can weld up to 60mm diameter or square material but can also accommodate flat sections.

The Flash Butt Welding process introduces no foreign weld material as both bars are amalgamated together by being electronically charged. This allows the component to be heat-treated afterward further increasing the tensile strength.


A solid phase, forge weld is made and any molten metal and contaminants formed at the interface during heating are squeezed out of the upset.


Our flash butt welding is supported by various on-site testing procedures that include bending to evaluate ductility and destructive / tensile testing using our 50 Tonne Mayes machine.


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