Brooks Forgings specialise in the manufacture of non-standard forged, fabricated and machined components and are one of the leading British manufacturers of bespoke Mooring Rings and Chain Link Adjusters for the marine industry.

A recent project was commissioned by a French company that required the production of 21 heavy duty mooring rings, in grade 8.8 material, for a dock refurbishment project in Monaco.

The mooring ring is made up of a 600x350x35mm thick base plate, 200mm inner diameter ring from 50mm diameter material and u-bend also in 50mm diameter material. The rings were hot bent and flash butt welded in-house. Unlike standard welding procedures, flash butt welding uses no foreign material and allowed us to complete the necessary heat treatment to 8.8 grade specification.

heavy duty mooring rings galvanised monaco

The final assembly involved fillet welding the u-bend to the base plate which was pre-heated to alleviate cracking during the process.

A proof test to 80 Tonnes was required prior to final supply. This was successfully completed by bolting together 2 sacrificial components back-to-back and pulling to the required load.

Once the necessary testing was completed the mooring rings were packed in specially made wooden packing cases and shipped to the customer.

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