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Brooks Forgings specialise in the production of non-standard components that are not readily available off the shelf. We are heavily involved in the construction industry and are able to offer bespoke solutions.

A recent project required a special tensioning system to fit a unique application. Rather than using conventional fork clevis ends it required a ‘hook’ system that is not available in the marketplace. With our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and can-do attitude, we were able to assist the customer and offer a solution.

tension system components tie bars turnbuckles

A total of 12 tension system sets were required, 6 spanning 5.6 meters and 6 spanning 4.4 meters. The hook ends were formed on the end of each tie bar creating a unique one-piece system, first by hot pressing material down to 30mm thick over a 455mm length and then hot bending to a 44-degree angle. These were then threaded M42. Each set included a single forged M42 hexagon turnbuckle and lock nuts for added adjustment. All components were supplied in a red oxide finish for extra corrosion protection and durability.

non standard bespoke tension system components

By keeping all processes in-house we were able to meet the required delivery date and provide all of the necessary traceability and certification required.

If you have a current or future project requiring a fully bespoke solution please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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