75 Ton Etchells Multiforge returns to the heart of British Manufacturing

The latest addition to our upsetting machine range is a 75 Ton Etchells Multiforge.

This machine has an interesting back story. Originally purchased and exported in 2001 by the General Electric Company based in Bromont, Canada, its primary purpose was for the manufacture of preforms for aero engine blades. This machine was one of the last built by Etchells before they ceased trading in 2004. Known for its rigid construction, the machine was ideal for holding the split dies together for the extrusion and upsetting operations.

etchells multiforge forging capability expanded at brooks forgings ltd

The Etchells factory was located in Darlaston, Wednesbury, only a few miles away from the Brooks Forgings manufacturing site in Lye, Stourbridge. The machine was imported back from Canada to the UK early 2018, bringing it back home to the heart of British manufacturing.

etchells multiforge returns from bromont canada to uk

All machinery that is acquired for our factory is fully inspected and refurbished by our experienced maintenance team. However, this particular machine showed minimal signs of use and was virtually in as new condition. Following a general overhaul and service, the tooling area was modified to accept the full range of tooling we hold for our Mutliforge machines and the machine is now fully installed and commissioned for use on new projects.

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