Brooks Forgings Produce M90 X 4550mm Hammerhead Bolts for New Fossil Free Kiln Expansion Project in Sweden.

The removable hammerhead foundation system is used in heavy industry installations all over the globe. The fabricated tube assembly and forged t-bolt are produced to very specific requirements with no off-the-shelf solution available. Over the years, Brooks Forgings has made a considerable investment in its capabilities and range of production tooling to be in a position to offer bespoke requirements to the DIN 261 and DIN 7992 hammerhead standard with sizes ranging from M24 up to M100 and 6-meter lengths.

Our latest production was for a client requiring manufacture and delivery of 68 total DIN 261 hammerhead t-bolts in grade 8.8 material and M90x4550mm in size, each weighing 220 kilograms.

din261 sn425 hammerhead t-bolts sweden kiln expansion

The combination of weight and length presented us with several challenges from safety and logistics to simply achieving a consistent production workflow. A dedicated production team was assigned to the project and through a combination of meticulous planning and utilisation of special lifting and moving jigs we were able to fully optimise the manufacturing process. Brooks Forgings is the only UK company capable of producing these hammerhead bolts in the lead time required.

These particular M90 hammerhead bolts were shipped to an expansion project located in Sweden that involves the installation of a new fossil-free kiln used during pulp production. With the launch scheduled for Q4 2021, it was essential that the bolts were manufactured and supplied on time so the foundation works could commence in preparation for the final delivery and commission of the equipment.

The bolts were shipped via land on dedicated transport and supplied complete with extensive quality documentation to fully support the material supplied.

If we can supply you with similar requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.

din261 sn425 hammerhead t-bolts sweden kiln expansion delivery

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