Special Lifting Assembly for Industrial Dipping Stillages

Brooks Forgings was approached to produce a special lifting assembly that is used to lift and relocate industrial dipping stillages in a chemical treatment plant. As a leading UK manufacturer of the components used in the assembly, we were able to meet the clients specific requirements.

The lifting assembly comprises of a single master link and 4 double ended eye bolts, produced in 316 stainless steel material. The master link, used as the primary lifting point, was manufactured from 35mm diameter material, hot rolled to achieve an inner diameter of 140mm and then flash butt welded using on-site capabilities.

316 stainless lifting eyebolt eyerod assembly

A total of 4 double ended eyebolts / eye rods are attached to the master link, paired in 2 different lengths and symmetrically cranked.

The components are designed and manufactured to ensure the stillage remains perfectly horizontal when lifted. The double ended eye bolts / eye rods were produced from 25mm diameter material, hot bent, welded and cranked on-site to achieve eye-to-eye centres of 1885mm and 2070mm.

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