Marposs Merlin Computer - Latest Addition To QC Department

Marposs Merlin ComputerBrooks Forgings is always looking for new developments in technology that can help achieve and surpass the strict quality standards required for metal components supplied into many industries across the globe.

The latest addition to our Quality Control department is a Marposs Merlin gauge computer. Primarily designed for the shop floor environment, the Merlin is used for measuring applications and gathering statistical information.

The Merlin allows effective collection of data from up to 32 traditional or wireless measuring devices. This includes statistical process control that allows multiple measurements, data segregation and product batch tracking, all displayed in real time with on screen numeric and graphical layouts. Electronic bore and snap gauges are currently used in our machining processes, allowing immediate and accurate inspection of machined internal and external diameters.

Prior to any measuring procedure, batch codes are allocated to maintain full batch traceability and a calibration routine is performed using fully traceable calibrated setting masters, ensuring accurate data is recorded.

For ease of use by the operator, measurement values are recorded and displayed in a colour coded format, both graphically and numerically on the Merlin’s LCD screen. This allows the operator to adjust settings in the manufacturing process to prevent the manufacture of non-conforming parts and aid continual improvement of the overall process.

Marposs Merlin Computer

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