Computer Aided Design and Machining

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Machining (CAM) play an important part in all aspects of modern manufacturing.

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drawing production in forgingDrawing Production

Working from product samples or existing drawings, we use Solidworks® software to produce up-to-date drawings in the early stages of project development.

This benefits our customers because we can continuously refine designs, developing the product design to achieve their exact requirements.

computer aided design in manufacturingMachining & Tooling

Following drawing approval, component drawings can easily be transferred to the next stage of production.

This includes the on-site manufacture of forging dies and programming of CNC machines for final finishing if required.

Remote Programming

The CNC machines at Brooks Forgings are WIFI enabled, allowing remote programming and problem solving from the central control room by one of several technical engineers.

WIFI controlled CNC machines

3d printing in metal forging3D Printing

To help assist our customers visualise and check designs, we have the ability to create accurate resin models using the latest 3D Printers.

This service can avoid costly mistakes often caused by the production of incorrect dies and tooling and offers a robust resin model to finish machine and even implement into final component assembly for final fit analysis.

shackle stress analysis softwareStress Analysis

We have software that can perform Stress Analysis tests from rendered 3D models, using both static and assembled components.

This enables us to evaluate product structure and design suitability and make alterations to suit various requirements. We can also input various material properties making the system fully customisable.

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