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Thanks to continued investment Brooks Forgings has expanded through diversification, now offering over 20 different manufacturing processes including Fabrication and Assembly.

We supply fabricated metal components both locally and worldwide to many industries including Civil Engineering, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Defence and Transportation.

Our fabrication processes include Machining, Bending, Profiling, Grinding, Cropping, Punching, Laser Cutting, Robot Welding and Flash Butt Welding.

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machining services Our machine shop and tool room can offer a full range of machining operations. Whether you need us to machine your free issue product or just supply the complete component from start to finish we can help.

16 CNC Machines Now Online

Over 50 years we have built up considerable expertise especially in the areas of machining all types of metal components. We have capacity to deal with small orders of 10 or 20 right up to supplying 20-50,000 components per week depending on complexity.

Robot Welding

robot welding cell We have full on-site fabrication and welding capabilities, including Robot Welding.

5 Panasonic Robot Welding Cells Now Online

The advantages of robot welding:

• Faster welding cycle times
• No breaks in production
• Better quality welded product
• Less wasted material
• Consistent weld seam
• Higher precision, flexibility to reach hard-to-reach spots

Flash Butt Welding

flash butt welding Our machines have a capacity of 6mm – 60mm in either square or round material. The main advantages of Flash Butt welding is the speed and the overall strength of the process, there is no foreign weld material used meaning the product can be heat treated afterwards further increasing tensile strength.

Capacity of 6mm – 60mm in Square or Round Material

This process is regularly used where high strength is required, typically lifting links and chains.

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Email: enquiries@brooksforgings.co.uk
  • Tel: +44 (0)1384 563356
  • Fax: +44 (0)1384 563357
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