Forging Simulation can help improve lead times and avoid costly mistakes caused by the production of incorrect dies.

qform forging simulation

Brooks Forgings Ltd uses the latest QForm forging simulation software, enabling the development and optimisation of tooling to accurately simulate and analyse the forging process.

It is possible to identify flaws in the early stage of tooling design such as inadequate impression filling, laps or folds, and flow-through defects.

The software also allows engineers to optimise the process further by varying starting material diameter, forging forces and analysis of die tooling stresses to improve durability and longevity.

qform forging simulation software drop forged shackle

The combination of Solidworks, QForm and 3D Printing enables Brooks Forgings to improve lead times and the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process by eliminating forging defects and final application suitability issues before final production tooling and samples are physically produced.

drop forging die displacement analysis in qform

drop forging die effective stress analysis

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