import export services for metal componentsBrooks Forgings Ltd have more than 20 years experience in the manufacture and import/export of forged, machined and fabricated metal components.

Our customers have the added confidence that they are dealing with a well-established British manufacturing company and can access the knowledge and experience of our engineers and technical staff.

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Import Services

example of imported components Our goal is to assist customers in the sourcing of the components they require, not only at a very competitive price but at the correct quality.

We are different to many other companies offering a global sourcing package, we provide our overseas manufacturing partners with manufacturing and quality inspection guidelines for them to follow. This often includes the supply of detailed drawings, samples, tools and inspection gauges. All imported components pass through rigorous inspection procedures in the UK prior to supply.

Typically items manufactured overseas take 12-14 weeks from initial order.

Components can be delivered in a single batch or we can offer a warehousing solution, holding stock for our customers to call off and be delivered within 48 hours of order placement (subject to terms).

Export Services

transport collection for exportWe have substantial experience in the export of forged, machined and fabricated components and the ability to work to globally recognised standards and quality procedures. Dependant on required lead times, we are able to offer transport solutions by air, sea or road. Alternatively we are happy to work with pre-arranged transportation companies for shipment collection.

Our in-house team can prepare and complete all necessary export documentation, this often includes certificate of origin, packing lists and commercial invoices.

Packaging Design

Packaging is often tailored to suit specific project and shipping requirements, made to order using our trusted and experienced suppliers. Our design team can pre-render models to simulate and generate packing scenarios, establishing final package dimensions and correct packing procedures for warehouse personnel.
This not only maximises shipping efficiency but reduces unnecessary costs for our customers.

metal component packaging for export

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  • Tel: +44 (0)1384 563356
  • Fax: +44 (0)1384 563357
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