Lloyds ISO 9001 approved

Our reputation for quality is underpinned by operating to BS EN ISO 9001, throughout all stages of production.

Component traceability is ensured by individual cast identification supported by all levels of certification. We offer Certificates of Conformity through to BS EN 10204 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 and independent inspection to BS EN 10204 3.2.

Quality plans, first article and dimensional inspection reports are available upon request.

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CE approved

CE Approval

CE marking demonstrates a product’s compliance with applicable EU legislation and its legitimacy to be placed on the market within the European Market. As of the 1st of July 2014 CE marking became mandatory for fabricated structural steelwork components.
Our approval permits the supply and distribution of Non-Preloaded and Preloaded High Strength Bolting Assemblies.

national highway sector scheme approval

Highway Sector Scheme Approval

The National Highway Sector Scheme (NHSS) approval is a bespoke quality management system based on, but not duplicating, the ISO 9001 standard. Split into several schemes it is designed to ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards.
We are now fully approved for the manufacture and distribution of Mechanical Fasteners up to M100 in accordance with National Highway Sector Scheme 3.

Achilles Link-Up and FPAL

achilles link-up and fpal approved

Brooks Forgings Ltd is committed to achieving the latest industry recognised approvals. Achilles Link-Up (RISQS) and FPAL are recognised worldwide, demonstrating to buyers that we strive to meet the strict regulations for the manufacture and supply of components into the Rail and Petrochemical sector.

In House Facilities

Of particular benefit to you is our in-house tool room and testing facilities. We can manufacture special inspection jigs, gauges and fixtures, as well as carrying out in-house hardness, tensile and coating thickness tests.

faro arm CMM


The FARO Gage is a portable CMM that increases measurement productivity and flexibility and enhances accuracy in any production environment.

End the reliance on expensive and hard-to-use fixed CMMs, improve measurement consistency, generate automatic reports including SPC analysis and GD&T, and reduce inspection times with the FARO Gage.

marposs merlin gage

Marposs Merlin Gage Computer

Designed for the shop floor environment, the Marposs Merlin is specifically designed for measuring applications and statistical analysis.

propen marking system

ProPen Marking - Component Traceability

We have both portable and benchtop micro-percussion marking systems.

Commonly used for jobs requiring full traceability and unique component identification.

mayes 50 tonne destructive tensile testing machine

50 Tonne Destructive/Tensile Testing Machine

Mayes 4 Column Vertical Universal Tensile Testing Machine. 500 KN model. Installed within our manufacturing facility, enabling us to complete tests in house, saving valuable time in the manufacturing process and reduce lead times.

pin jigs

Inspection Jigs

Our in house tool room plays a vital part in assisting our quality control department.

Component inspection jigs can be produced ensuring 100% dimensional checks throughout production.

liquid penetrant inspection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Liquid penetrant inspection (LPI) is a commonly used inspection method to locate surface-breaking defects.

LPI is used to detect casting, forging and welding surface defects such as hairline cracks and surface porosity.

coating thickness gauge

Coating Thickness Gauge Eban 3000

The coating thickness gauge eban3000 MK2 is the top specification DFT gauge having an extensive range of features offering full batching and statistical capability with date and time being recorded. Measuring range up to 50 millimetres. High accuracy of up to ±1% when referred to reference standards.

cyclops portable thermometer

Cyclops Portable Thermometer

A general purpose, high temperature, portable infrared thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of temperatures in the range 550 to 3000°C/ 1022 to 5432°F.

energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analyzer

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (EDXRF)

Hand held energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analyzer. It can quickly, non-destructively, determine the elemental composition of metal and precious metal samples.

brinell and rockwell hardness testers

Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Testers

Hardness is the measure of resistance of a particular material to deformation when an external force or load is applied to that material.
Unlike physical quantities such as length, time, volume or electrical current, hardness is a relative value that has no fundamental quantity or absolute standard. Hardness is related to other mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, yield strength, elastic limit, resistance to wear, ductility etc.

Hardness has become as critical as fit and finish in determining product quality. Metallic parts must function under increasingly arduous conditions, with loads, pressure and temperatures constantly increasing, hardness measurement is often one of the easiest and sometimes the best way of establishing that components will be able to take the strain.

Leading Lab Access

For particular dimensions, specifications and features (where required by you) we have access to the UK's leading independent inspection laboratories, adding further to our ability to meet today's ever increasing challenges and demands.

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