arching horn forging and bendingWe manufacture many components designed for the installation and maintenance of overhead transmission and distribution power lines.

We specialise in the manufacture of STANDARD AND NON-STANDARD items, producing components to our clients exact specifications.

By using our extensive on-site forging, machining and fabrication processes we are able to minimise the use of sub-contractors and maximise turnaround.

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overhead powerline fittings

Our Range of Products includes:

• Arching Horns
• Tower Swivels
• Corona Shields
• Sag Adjuster Sets
• Yoke Plates
• Links & Rings
• Shackles
• Eyebolts
• Tension Systems
• Turnbuckles
• Tie Bars / Rods
• Ball Hooks
• Ball Eye Links
• Ball Clevises
• Ball Tongues
• Miscellaneous Profiles

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