Maximise your potential by utilising Brooks Tubular Hollow Rail, a new innovation in fencing manufacture. Railheads are forged directly on to tubes producing a unique ONE piece system.

The advantages of having a ONE piece system are:-

• Less welding (up to 75% reduction in welding per panel)
• Less jigging (one piece tube, no lining up of heads etc)
• Less cutting as tube is supplied to your pre-defined length
• Less labour costs per panel

Improved apperance:-

• No unsightly welding, smoother finish
• Heads are always in line with the bar below
• Attractive designs
• Varying heights are easily achieved above top rail

Up to 63% less weight than solid bar which means:

• Reduced handling time and cost
• Reduced carriage cost
• Reduced finishing cost

Sizes available:

• Round tube 20mm & 25mm
• Square box section 20mm & 25mm
• Wall thickness 2mm (other sizes avaialble upon request)
• Lengths up to 3 metres (cut to your requirements)

hollow rail fencing railing range

hollow rail fencing railing range

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